The Meaning of the Murals

Take a closer look at the murals in the exam rooms!  There is a message behind each one.  Every mural was designed to help teach your child a valuable character trait while in the office.  We encourage you to read the story displayed in each room as it relates to the illustration.  Each story and its corresponding illustration was developed by the late Byron Lehman, Dr. Ashley's father, who passed away from leukemia on September 3, 2013.  He valued people and the strength of their character.  At Wright Pediatrics, we value each child and their parents.  Understanding the challenges of parenthood, our desire is to use each moment possible as an opportunity to develop the character of young people.  Teach them to be leaders!  Help them understand the consequences for the choices they make!  Show them how to keep their promises and watch them grow.  Don't forget to stop by the Superhero Mirror and explore the character trait Treasure Map.  There is also a book, Thoughts That Count, available for purchase either online or in person.

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